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The LAB Profile®

The LAB Profile® is an easy to use method to find out how your customers think, get motivated, and make decisions.

Why LAB Profile® for Sales?

Sales professionals can use the LAB Profile® questions to find out HOW to sell to each customer or group of customers. You ask specific questions to uncover their Motivation Triggers™ and to choose the right Influencing language.

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Based on Shelle Rose Charvet’s international bestseller Words That Change Minds, the LAB Profile® (Language and Behaviour Profile) is now being used all over the world to better understand customers, and speak their language.

Let’s say a software sales person is doing a needs analysis with the customer. The LAB Profile® questions will enable to find out whether she wants to avoid problems or rather has specific benefits in mind.

“I don’t want to have the same adoption problems with had with the last system, because it was such a fight to get department heads to adopt it.”


“I am looking for a system that has a track record for being easy to adopt, so that the department heads will look forward to adopting it.”

In the content, both of these statements are talking about the same thing: adoption of the new software. However, in the first example, the customer wants to MOVE AWAY FROM previous problems, issues, and negative consequences. We call this the AWAY FROM Motivation Trigger™. In the second example, the customer wants to have easy adoption; MOVING TOWARDS the goal of easy adoption and gaining the benefit of having the department heads look forward to it. This is the TOWARD Motivation Trigger™.

You might be thinking, so what?

If you present a solution using Towards Language; i.e. “Here are the benefits of our system, it’s easy to adopt, users find it quick to learn, and we can get your whole organisation up and running within 10 days,” with a client who wants to avoid, prevent, or solve problems, they are likely to remain unconvinced.

For the customer who is moving AWAY FROM previous or potential problems, it would be more advantageous to say:

“This system hasn’t had issues with adoption, users weren’t reluctant” to use it because it’s not as reluctant as your previous system, and our experience shows that department heads had no problems adopting it right away.

The LAB Profile® helps you uncover several critical Motivation Triggers™ to ensure you meet your customers’ below conscious needs, and avoid pitfalls, that can derail the sale.

In the above sentence,
“helps you uncover” and “ensure you meet….” are both examples of Toward Language.
“avoid pitfalls” and “derail the sale” are both examples of Away From Language.

The LAB Profile® questions help sales people uncover other critical information about customers such as:

  • The need to take initiative or to reflect.
  • The values that motivate someone or whole groups.
  • Problem solving orientation vs. a goal orientation.
  • Deciding for oneself vs. those influenced by external factors.
  • Preference for creating alternatives vs. completing and finishing. How many options to propose to clients
  • Frequency and type of change needed. Do they want the same, better or different?


Understand the below-conscious elements of communication

  • Know the power of certain words, phrases and behaviour
  • Predict behaviour from the language people use
  • Understand how situations affect people’s motivation and behaviour
  • Avoid making mistakes, recover from bloopers, blunders and faux pas

Maximize your Impact

  • Know how to present to whole groups who have different Motivation Triggers™
  • Discover the “Words that Change Minds”
  • Learn the Bad News Formula©, when you can’t give customers what they want
  • Get even the most skeptical person to listen to what you have to say
  • Communicate with diverse groups

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