Benefits for you – your business model

By being a member of our site, you can dramatically increase your income.
All that without having to train more days.
You’ll have more time for yourself and your family.

Want to do the math? Then check out the business case for yourself:

A typical trainer business case

What do you get? How much will you earn? Let’s do a simple example:

  • Let’s say you sell a program for 60 sales reps to one of your customers, which would usually take 4 days of onsite training. In a blended learning concept, instead you sell the online portion via salestrainerplatform and do only 2 days of onsite training.
  • If your per diem rate is $2,500 USD, and then you sell the online portion for $500 USD per user (that price is easy to get for online programs).
  • Training 60 people usually means 5 groups of 12, which with blended learning, includes 10 days of onsite training for you. So what is your revenue?


Onsite training (10 x $2,500): $25,000 USD
Online course (60 x  $500): $30,000 USD
Sum total:  $55,000* USD

* for only 10 onsite delivery days!)

If you were doing a purely onsite training program, you would have earned only $50,000, and you would have worked 20 days (20 days x$2,500 USD)
More income for half the training days!

So your investment in salestrainerplatform pays off on your first project! Additional projects are even more profitable as the only costs are the user licenses.

So join our community and you will

  • get access to new customers who were out of reach for you until now,
  • make more money with existing customers,
  • and all that without doing more time.