The benefits of Blended Learning for you and your customers

Blended Learning brings huge benefits to you as well as your customers. You can use these discussion points whenever you show your digital offering to potential customers.

  1. Digital is cost effective:
    No travel and logistics costs when rolling out training. And even more importantly: sales reps aren’t stopped from doing their job. No lost revenue due to taking the sales team off the road for several days.
  2. On-boarding of new hires is quicker:
    It can easily take up to nine months to get a new sales rep to reach the team’s average productivity. This is partly owing to time consuming on-boarding seminars and trainings. Imagine how much your customers could gain if a digital academy reduced on-boarding times from nine to six months!
  3. Higher learning success: The use of varied learning media and methods (videos, webinars, documents, onsite trainings) results in significantly higher adoption rates for trainees. This makes learning more fun for trainees and adds to company success.
  4. Management of learning progress: Based on assessments and course completions, companies will know the skill and learning progress of trainees. Therefore they can quickly identify additional potential as well as individual coaching needs.
  5. Maximize training outcomes: Learners have access to the courses whenever, wherever and how often they want, so they can work through the courses based on their individual preferences. They can successfully acquire the learning content and come to the classroom trainings ready for practising and optimizing their individual training outcome.