salestrainerplatform Pricing and Membership Levels

Our flexible pricing models allow you to perfectly adjust your prices for the system, users and sales certifications to your needs and your business model. So you can easily optimise your personal revenue and income.

You want to know more about our flexible pricing model? Then contact us with our contact form or just send us a mail.

Silver Level Gold Level Platinum Level
Trainer Certification Yes Yes Yes
 Student Certification Yes Yes Yes
        Level 1: LAB Profile® Sales Practitioner      
        Level 2: LAB Profile® Sales Professional      
Co-branded landing page/training site Yes Yes Yes
Link to own website No Yes Yes
Access to all videos Yes Yes Yes
Access to all manuals Yes Yes Yes
Online coaching functionality Yes Yes Yes
Online assessment functionality Yes Yes Yes
Blog & Chat Yes Yes Yes
Free access to all internal webinars Yes Yes Yes
Access to all articles, eBooks, White Papers
Yes Yes Yes
Listing in Trainer Portal Yes Yes Yes
        Your Trainer Profile
        Your Offering
        Regions covered
        Languages covered
Document upload (your own training manuals) Yes Yes Yes
Video upload (your own training videos) No No Yes

Onboarding and Registration:

Our onboarding process includes:

  • Your online Trainer Certification (“Certified LAB Profile® Sales Trainer”)
  • Your online LAB Profile® Practitioner Certification
  • The setup of your individual trainer platform within our system
  • Showing you how to use the platform
  • Showing you how to set up your own digital courses
  • 1 Year Gold Level membership
  • Auto renewal to Gold Level after 1st year at a fixed price

You want to know more about the onboarding process? Then contact us with our contact form or just send us a mail.

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