Why Blended Learning?

For a long time sales trainers especially thought that digital trainings would not be successful in sales training contexts as this was “too interpersonal”. But times have changed. Sales reps sell via the internet, they use webinars, video conferencing, send video messages to their customers and so on. They are used to working with these new media. And learning preferences have changed, too. People want to learn when, where and how they want. And they want to maximize their individual learning success.

But more than anything else they do not want to spend too much time caught in classrooms instead of doing their job. In 2016 already, 70% of companies had already implemented or planned to implement digital trainings as an important part of their sales education (Training Magazine’s 2016 Training Industry Report) and it’s increasing exponentially. If you’re not offering online options with your live training, you may soon be out of the running for sales training contracts. This is when it comes to digital and blended learning. Digital learning offers a wide range of benefits that make this innovative way of learning by far more effective than classical classroom-only trainings.

  1. It´s cost effective:

No travel and logistics cost when rolling out a training. And even more importantly, sales reps are not kept from doing their job. So no lost revenue due to taking the sales team off the road for several days.

  1. It speeds up onboarding of new hires:

It can easily take up to nine months for a new sales rep to ramp up to the team´s average productivity. This is often because of time-consuming onboarding seminars and trainings. Imagine how much your customers would gain if a digital academy reduced onboarding times from nine to six months!

  1. Higher learning success:

The integration of more learning media and methods (videos, webinars, documents, onsite trainings) results in significantly higher retention and adoption rates for trainees. This makes learning more fun for trainees and adds to company success.

  1. Control over learning progress:

Based on assessments and course completions, companies know about the skill and learning progress of trainees. So they can quickly identify additional potential as well as individual coaching needs.

  1. Maximize training outcomes:

Learners have access to the courses whenever, wherever and how often they want. So they can work through the courses based on their individual preferences. They can successfully acquire the learning content and come to the classroom trainings ready for practising and optimizing their individual training outcome.

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